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Aloe, Olive and Lavender Hand and Body Cream

Aloe, Olive and Lavender Hand and Body Cream part of the natural skin care range from Sapphire Natural BeautyDescription

A soothing, cooling, nourishing cream suitable for all skin types. Moistens, cools surface heat and relieves itchiness. For sensitive & irritated skin. Also for urticaria, rashes, aftershave and after-sun. Suitable for children.


Organic Argan oil (argania spinosa), Organic Rosehip oil (rosa moscheta), Organic Olive oil (Oleo Europea), Organic jojoba oil (buxxus chinensis), Organic Evening primrose (primula), Organic Aloe juice (Aloe Vera), Organic Rose water, Organic Chamomile water, emulsifying wax (Glucose based), Organic Lavender essential oil, Benzoin essential oil, Propolis tincture.


Calming, Soothing, Cooling, Harmonizing, Peace.

Contra Indications


Packsize: 60ml ; Price: £22.00

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